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Oh Deer!

At a true mid-century sale this past weekend, these deer were plucked off the mantle after being spotted by the keen eye a regular estate saler. After a quick polish with Bar Keepers Friend, this 29” pair lights up the room in this mid-century collector’s home. Note the way the new owner positioned them to face the same direction, opposite of their original placement on the mantle, creating a friendlier, natural stance. Also, its difficult to judge their dimensions in the fireplace pic but the impressive size of the deer is noticeable on the table where they become the focal point in the room.

Visit us at our next sale in Oakland on November 5, 6 and 7. Located in a newer development, this immaculate home boasts pristine furniture and décor in pleasing neutrals. Lots of sports memorabilia and fine costume jewelry, too!

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