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Whether your are searching for the perfect coffee table book or selling the contents of your home, we're here to help. At Eden, we join buyers and sellers so you can find the treasures you're looking for or sell the items that you no longer require. Call or text for more information.

Sunset Sailboats

es·tate sail·or


1. a person that navigates smoothly or in a stately or confident manner from room to room at estate sales hunting for treasures on weekends. 


Our mission is to join

buyers and sellers

for the common happiness of all.

We're recruiting estate sailors.

Sail with us!


Welcome to our site. We sell fantastic goods like yours in the Northern New Jersey Area. Our goal is to provide buyers with value and maximize proceeds for the seller. Every member of our team is passionate about representing great items and offering them to shoppers at unbeatable prices, while providing excellent customer support.

Ready to start shopping with us?


Text or join our mailing list to become an estate sailor.

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